Our experts have a solid training in all the state-of-the-art engineering techniques necessary to carry out their missions. They also hold a concrete field experience in all countries where FRM intervenes, and especially in the Congo Basin countries.


Bernard CASSAGNE, PhD Natural Sciences
General Director and FRM founder in 1987

An internationally renowned specialist of moist tropical forests, Dr. Cassagne has worked for over 30 years for the sustainable management and the valorization of natural and forest resources in the large tropical forest basins of the planet.


Nicolas BAYOL, Director of Studies
Senior Forest Management Engineer

Present on FRM's sustainable forest management projects since 1998. In Gabon initially then in Cambodia, Congo, Brazil and DRC, he refines technical methods and trains the teams. He consistently helps the forest sector players large and small to progress.

Jean-François CHEVALIER, Director of Studies
Senior Forest Management Engineer

FRM member for over 10 years, he conducts large technical assistance projects, both private projects or projects benefiting from assistance development program funding. In Gabon and in CAR, he leads the teams who l conduit the teams spreading the sustainable forest management dynamics to whole national forest territories.


Sylvie PORTER 
Head of General Services

With FRM for 11 years, she covers administrative, staffing and accounting aspects of projects and studies. She coordinates the Admin. and Accounts team to provide the best possible backing to our experts in the field and at home and to ensure our customers and partners receive the assistance and service they require.