We bring our experience in the sustainable management of tropical rain forests and the institutional assistance to the forest world to support our commitment alongside the largest research organisations in the framework of forest related scientific programs.

In these scientific research programs, FRM’s field acquired knowledge and know-how are valorized, in the same way as FRM’s involvement on a day to day basis to the heart of the realities of the natural moist tropical forests.

FRM’s main research objectives are:

  • ensure the sustainability of wood harvesting and enable the potential of forests in terms of biodiversity and productivity to be maintained;
  • valorize better the forest resource for governments, the biodiversity, the local populations and private operators;
  • enable a better understanding of the challenges ahead for all players and adopt sustainable choices.


The research programs are conducted in partnership with renowned Research institutes and Universities.

FRM regularly works with CIRAD (Center of International Cooperation in Agronomic Research for the Development), IRD (Research institute for the Development), UCL (Catholic University of Louvain), the University of Agronomic Sciences of Gembloux, the University of Kinshasa, the University of Kisangani, the SDSU (South Dakota University), the Maryland University, CIFOR (Centre for the International Forest Research) etc.

Within the framework of that research, FRM also collaborates with various NGOs (WWF, UICN, FFI, WCS, CI, AWF, etc.) and donors (FAO, European Union, AFD).


FRM is involved in different international research projects such as the CoForChange project which aims at establishing the effects over time of global climate change on the biodiversity of the Congo Basin forests.

FRM takes an active part to the drafting of many articles and technical documents presenting the results of the studies and research conducted by its engineers.

The FRM experts also regularly appear at large conferences and international summits on their specific fiels of expertise.

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