FRM is an independent and private forest engineering and consulting agency based in the South of France. FRM supports the forest and wood sector actors in all forest regions of the planet.

To promote a better approach for the safeguarding of tropical forests, our keywords are proximity, scientific rigueur, pragmatism, capacity building and dialogue.

For 25 years, our forest engineers have worked in all tropical forest ecosystems of the world.

In the field, we work to improve knowledge and consideration for the natural tropical forests and to promote a sustainable and reasoned management of their resources with the local populations, economic operators and authorities.

Consulting or long term interventions by FRM experts rely on the most up-to-date technologies and draw on the latest progress of scientific research.

Our objectives:

  • better know forest ecosystems to optimize their management;
  • ensure the future of their social and ecologic functions;
  • contribute to a fair redistribution of the generated income;
  • protect biodiversity;
  • enable a selective and sustainable wood harvest;
  • reduce negative impacts on the ecosystems;
  • encourage a better use of by-products and offcuts in logging and wood processing operations for energy saving purposes;
  • make the most of biomass and forest carbon

To this day more than 200 technical assistance missions have been carried out by our experts to guide the actors of the sustainable management of natural and forest resources over more than 20 million hectare of natural forest, more than 10% of the total Congo Basin forest surface area.



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