The forest plantations are intensive wood production systems. In view of the growing demand in wood, forest plantations are being developed all around the world, in particular in tropical areas.

FRM Plantation Department plantation works on forest plantations through occasional or longer term support assignment, concerning technical project set up, genetic stock, running of tree nurseries and plantations, management of plantations, financial set up, search for partners and subcontractors, etc. FRM'expertise in plantation projects covers technical, social, environmental and financial aspects.

FRM, present all around the world, has access to the best reservoirs of knowledge: research centers, genetic resources, material and know-how. FRM proposes support to make plantations more competitive, with higher productivity, while ensuring environmental and workers protection.

In Brazil, a leading country for high productivity tropical forest plantations, FRM established numerous partnerships, via its subsidiary FRM Brasil ( ). A significant part of the wood issued from Brazilian plantations is intended for the production of charcoal, widely used as reducer in the steel industry.

FRM also created LIGNAFRICA ( together with the ROUGIER Group (, a company dedicated to the development of plantations in Central and western Africa.


Carbon; environment; finance; return; production; tree nursery; restoration; social aspects; landhold; industry