Tropical forests are under many competing economic, human and environmental pressures. More than 30 years after the start of forest management, the tropical forest industry is today developed in a way that insures forest resources are exploited with sustainability, traceability and preservation of the environment in mind.


For the Rural Development and National Resources Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture in Lebanon FRMi is responsible for preparing a Pilot Forestation/Reforestation Master Plan, for the preservation of the forest areas of the country.



In association with the Moroccan consulting agency BETAF, FRMi is in charge of the final evaluation of the GIFMA (Integrated Management of Forests of the Middle Atlas) project in Morocco. This project conforms with the NFP (National Forest Programme) which goal is to preserve and restore the three main functions (ecological, social and economical) of the Moroccan forests.


FRM Ingénierie, in collaboration with Industree Consult, was tasked by the Ministry of forest, of Environnement and Protection of natural resources to carry out a diagnosis of the wood and forest sector in Gabon.