Natural Forest

Since the early 90's, FORET RESSOURCES MANAGEMENT has played an leading role in the active sustainable forest management dynamics currently underway in the tropical forests of the planet, especially in the Congo Basin. Our approach:

  • a strong implication of the forest concession holding private sector,
  • the strenghtening of public administrations capacities in forestry matters and
  • the effective integration of social and environnemental considerations into instruments and practices.

FRM has become the first sustainable manager of natural tropical humid forests in the world, with sustainable forest management plans prepared and operated over 20 million hectare in Africa, Latin and Central America and in Asia.

We advise and provide technical assistance to public administrations, private operators in charge of forests and international non governmental organisations alike.

On the basis of the robust expertise acquired with sustainable forest management operations, we developed skills and know how in the certification of foret productions. Through tailor-made technical support and focused studies, our experts work along private operators from the choice of the best suited referential to the first audits.

In the framework of the European FLEGTprogramme, FRM assists forest administrations for the set up of a national timber legality verification system as well as private forest operators in the elaboration of a system guaranteeing the legality of their productions.


FRM contributes every day to the definition of sustainable management methods for the tropical forests, takes part to the drafting of reference documents on the subject, supports the elaboration of national standards. The forest management methods we developed rely on technical studies offering a precise evaluation of the forest resources and of theconditions of their valorisation. They also take into account all the environmental services offered by the forest ecosystems. Sustainable forest management becomes a tool for the development of forest territories.

To reach excellence in the multitopic interventions carried out, FRM leans on tools and skills developed in house. They are used for the implementation and analysis of forest inventories, for mapping and remote sensing, for socioeconomic studies, forest ecology, for the wood industry and markets.


  • Formulation and feasibility of sustainable forest managemen projects;
  • Management of forest management projects and drafting of the forest management plans;
  • Technical assistance and institutional support for public forest management policies and projects;
  • Formulation of sustainable forest management standards;
  • Training of the various sustainable forest management players;
  • Reduced Impact Impact logging;
  • Technical support for certification (diagnosis, internal audit, action plan, procedures, training...);
  • Technical support for the implementation of a legality assurance system of the productions within the framework of the FLEGT.


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