Forest investment


FRM has 25 years of proven and successful ground experience in sustainable tropical forests engineering to ensure optimal project implementation and management, together with the carbon expertise to go through the whole carbon cycle.

In a newborn carbon forestry environment, where many new players are welcome to develop the industry, FRM stands as a robust and mature experienced technical partner, able to establish long lasting and constructive relationships and deliver high quality services and projects.

FRM has conducted missions in 50 countries all around the tropical forest belt, in the Congo basin, Latin America and Asia, and can support your procurement strategy globally.

FRM is a key private and independent partner to introduce Sustainability into tropical forestry from a technical and scientific angle, and has contributed significantly to do so over the past 25 years.

FRM has a unique leader position by combining field experience, high tech & scientific knowledge, and involvement in all aspects of the wood universe.


Forestry project management is FRM’s core competence since the beginning of introduction of Sustainability in the sector in the late 80’s. All combined FRM competences acquired in the field will materialise your project:

Robust track record in both :

  • forest plantation, tree nursery, logistic circuits of fire wood supply and
  • natural forest (putting Improved Forest Management IFM and Reduced Impact Logging RIL principles into practice)

Side technical expertise to support quality and sustainability of your projects :

  • Carbon footprint evaluation and life cycle analysis ;
  • FSC and fight against illegal logging ;
  • Local development issues ;
  • Biodiversity and social and ecologic functions of forest ecosystems
  • Mapping, remote sensing, GIS
  • Competences that overlap with the forest universe : agriculture, wood-energy, and social issues and solutions that imply changes in local habits (local trade mechanisms, cook stoves, energy supply etc…)

Logistics and networking, the secret to build up long lasting initiatives in developing countries :

  • Teaming up with the local populations : FRM developed a successful local capacity building by enrolment and training of autochthonous populations and bilateral knowledge transfer (local expertise complements botanist knowledge when it come to inventory 8000 tree species…)
  • Teaming up with the timber industry : FRM has a solid client portfolio in the timber market based on faithful and long term relationships, all along the whole industrial wood process, from harvesting to end products, which grants the ability to use local networks and resources in virgin environments
  • Teaming up with diverse stakeholders : local/international environmental & social NGOs, universities, technical & research institutes, states, local governments, and international funding organizations and development banks


FRM provides the full service to develop CDM or IFM / REDD / ARR / Conservation projects under a VCS methodology, potentially combined with CCBS. FRM is closely following international negotiations and markets, to adapt to the future framework and opportunities.

Our precious “raw material”:

  • 14 Million hectares surveyed in the Congo Basin, resulting in Sustainable Management Plans including Improved Forestry Management (IFM) and Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) ;
  • In house pioneer leadership in combining high tech mapping to forest ground inventories, resulting into a precious database covering 8000 tree species in the Congo basin ;
  • Extensive track record of collaboration with scientists to build up carbon allometry expertise, in accordance to the highest quality standards (Tear 3)

Our leader analysis capacity :

FRM has developed two carbon measurement software to optimize the combined use of data collection from the above :

  • Forest Carbon Print-Stock v.1 to provide precise diagnosis of the area
  • Forest Carbon Print-Dynamics v.1 to assimilate the impact of potential disturbances and projected management, and establish an accurate and dynamic baseline

Our carbon market experience :

  • Experience in deal structuring, design of creative carbon financial solutions (equity/loans arrangements, upfront payments and carbon loans) ;
  • Experience in legal tools & solutions adapted to the carbon environment (carbon service contract, local joint ventures, ERPA negotiations) ;
  • Capacity to source and originate a large number of projects in FRM own network (15 million hectares assessed in the Congo basin);
  • Strong experience in identifying key technical steps and providing tailored decision making tools to define a risk evaluation process adapted to your own investment strategy;
  • Proven track record in providing key deliverables to running projects: Due Diligence (DD), (pre) Feasibility Study (FS), Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Project Design Document (PDD), Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV)



In summary, FRM will support and optimize the key steps of your purchasing/investment strategy:

  • Sourcing
  • DD / project analysis
  • Project implementation, plantation management or sustainable natural forest management
  • CO2 development
  • Strong reporting and monitoring adapted to financial investors


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