Posted on 06-29-2016

CIRCAET, keeping watch over tropical forests

Tropical forests are under many competing economic, human and environmental pressures. More than 30 years after the start of forest management, the tropical forest industry is today developed in a way that insures forest resources are exploited with sustainability, traceability and preservation of the environment in mind.

The key challenge for tropical forest producers is to demonstrate they comply with good practices and that the forest durability is not threatened.

Until today, compliance with the planned logging operations and planned intensity within the concession remains difficult to prove in the eyes of tropical timber consumers, policy makers and all those who are fighting for the preservation of rainforests on the planet in general. Similarly, it is difficult to show conclusively that the concession is not subject to agricultural clearings and that the zoning of the planning documents is respected.

Certifying the satisfactory implementation of the different activities within a concession, in the right place and at the right time, is the first pillar of forest legality.


CIRCAET is designed to monitor and certify the dynamics of the annually planned forest activity in the forest concession.

Our unique permanent solution for the monitoring of tropical forests, the service contract:


Areas open to logging will be observed using radar and optical satellite data.

The entire forest concession territory will also be observed to detect any possible clearing or characterized irregularity affecting the integrity of the forest canopy.


CIRCAET is jointly developed by TELESPAZIO, a global provider of satellite services, and FRMi (a subsidiary of the FRM group) a consulting company specialized in forest engineering services applied to tropical rainforests. CIRCAET is the fruit of two years of research and development within the laboratories of these two structures. It relies on the world renowned abilities in the monitoring business of the FINMACCANICA and THALES groups, with multiple applications in extremely varied civil and defence fields.

CIRCAET ensures an optimized performance thanks to a tried and tested industrial process. A compliance indicator is produced every year.

The CIRCAET indicator is produced through the analysis of the changes observed in forest cover (meter scale resolution) which are compared to the logging forecasts approved by the forestry administration.

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